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The opera arias I have recently arranged for cello duet have been a pleasure to write https://www.sjmusicpublications.co.uk/sheet-music/composers.cfm/product/borrett-opera-arias
Looking at the number of instruments in a Puccini score was awe inspiring.Did Puccini immediately hear the music like this in his head or add the orchestration later? According to a friend of mine – an expert orchestrator – it was probably the former.
My aim with the cello duets was to ensure the tune was always clear and then try to capture the overall mood in the accompanying part, often by using cellistic special effects. In my teens I spent ages listening to recordings of great singers – and the beauty of their phrasing, their rubato and their drama, captured my imagination. It’s rare to hear string music as expressively phrased as singing often is, but isn’t it worth aspiring to?

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